Environmental Impact Reduction

Silver Viper Minerals is committed to operating with minimal environmental impact. The Company reports on its sustainability efforts and uses certain technology with the aim of reducing environmental impact and increasing water efficiency.

How we implement this strategy - reporting
Expected environmental impacts and proposed mitigation strategies are detailed in an Informe Perventivo (I.P.), a technical document prepared by environmental consultants in collaboration with Silver Viper Minerals. The I.P. is a major component of notice of work applications filed by Silver Viper Minerals with the Federal Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources, SEMARNAT (Secretaria de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales). The I.P. details existing flora and fauna assemblages and addresses all aspects of potential impact including water, soil and air quality, as well as noise and visual pollution. Silver Viper Minerals is dedicated to reducing the footprint of mineral exploration on the land, and reclamation activities are ongoing throughout the year.

SVM separates and recycles plastics and glass from general garbage

How we implement this strategy- sustainable technology
Silver Viper Minerals uses “man-portable” drills which are hauled to drill locations in pieces and assembled on site. This process can be slower and more physically demanding than the traditional method of bulldozing trails into the target area, but it allows access to previously unexplored areas with very little disturbance. Daily servicing of the drill equipment including fuel and consumables are hauled to the drill pad by mules. Once the crew is finished drilling an area, the pads are removed to be used again and seeds are spread to regrow the grass in that area.

Modular man-portable drill

How we implement this strategy- water efficiency
Silver Viper Minerals requires drill operators to recirculate drill return water as standard procedure. Water is a precious resource, and every effort is made to minimize the amount of water used by the drilling operations. As detailed in the Informe Preventivo, any additives to drill water are non-toxic and biodegradable. Settling ponds are used to capture fines suspended in drill return water prior to recirculation. Silver Viper Minerals is currently exploring the use of water reclamation technology with respect to more efficient separation of fine particulates from drill water return. There are several commercial units available for this purpose.Further water saving initiatives are made at camp, as well. Grey water from the laundry is reused in the toilet system, saving between 1,500 and 2,000 litres per week.

Grey water capture and recycling